Crossover Deadline Approaching

Rep. Tommy Pope discusses the busy week the crossover deadline has brought the Senate and House of Representatives. He relates that they are quickly going through several important bills to be sure they are completed this session, and that next week after the crossover deadline has passed, they will begin work on the Department of […]

Rep. Tommy Pope Legislative Update

Rep. Tommy Pope describes this week as the “calm before the storm”, since next week he and the other members of the House will begin digging in deeply into everything left on the docket for this year’s session. They are up against a very important deadline with this being the second year of the term, […]

Legislative Update from Rep. Tommy Pope

Tommy Pope discusses the most pressing issues the House is working on this week before their furlough. First is the School Choice bill. He describes it as beneficial as it will give parents more choice in what is best for their children, but his mother, sister, and brother all taught in public schools, so he […]

Rep. Tommy Pope’s Legislative Update

Just getting past the budget debate, Rep. Tommy Pope discusses what is on the docket this week. There is a great deal of legislation coming through the House, since the focus last week was mainly on the budget. Some things that he feels will be of particular interest in his district is the Lake Wylie […]

Rep. Pope’s Legislative Update

Rep. Pope discusses the busy week in session. The budget is well underway, and it has shaped up to be a pleasing conservative one. The tax reform bills he worked on serving on the tax committee are also finally on the floor this week.

Session Speeding Up

Rep. Tommy Pope discusses the legislation going through the House this week, including the “Bath Salts” bill, a compromise bill regarding custody hearings, and a proposal for an “Honor and Remember” flag for those who have lost their lives defending our country.

Blue Alert and Tax Reform

Rep. Tommy Pope comments on tax reforms discussed in session today and is hopeful that many will be accomplished as early as next week. Rep. Pope also voices his support for the new Blue Alert bill.

New Year, New Session

Rep. Tommy Pope discusses the new year, the new session, and the I-95 corridor veto.