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April 29, 2010

I’m Running To Change Government

hen I left the Solicitor's Office several years ago, I truly thought I was through with my government service. There has always been a part of me that loves serving the people, but as you can imagine, working within government can be very frustrating. But the only thing more frustrating than working in government is sitting back and watching what government and the politicians are doing to our state and nation. Quite honestly, it's gotten completely out of hand and I cannot just sit back any longer. I've decided to run for State House because I'm ready, willing and able to do the hard work it takes to change the way business is done in Columbia.
April 30, 2010

Job Creation Must Be Top Priority

Over the next few weeks, I plan on knocking on thousands of doors to talk with you about the ideas we can implement to create jobs […]
May 3, 2010

Job Creation Requires Efficient Government

Government can’t create jobs. Only the private sector can. The best thing government can do is work tirelessly to create an environment for economic growth. That […]
May 21, 2010


We need someone with a proven record to change Columbia with true conservative ideas.