State House Report #14
April 25, 2015
Legislative Update- May 1, 2015
May 1, 2015

More of What They’re Saying…

More of What They’re Saying…

“The chief executive of Sonoco, the state’s largest home-based company…said the state’s poor roads will stall industrial recruitment and cause existing companies to expand elsewhere. ‘Like anybody else, I don’t want to pay any more taxes, but … we have to do something.’ Bad roads also are a risk to the company’s drivers, M. Jack Sanders said. ‘There is a potential safety issue. There are insurance and liability issues as well.’(T)he Sonoco chief executive said his company would have to consider expanding elsewhere if the roads are not fixed. ‘Certainly it impacts our decisions,’ Sanders said. ‘It’s about the bottom line and the cost to expand. It would be really unfortunate (lawmakers) don’t get there.’”

Sonoco CEO Sanders calls for gas tax increase to fix poor SC roads
The State, April 21, 2015

“The South Carolina Tire Manufacturers Council applauds the leadership of House Speaker Jay Lucas, ad hoc Transportation Committee Chairman Gary Simrill and the House for addressing the state’s growing infrastructure problem. The South Carolina Tire Manufacturers Council urges members of the Senate to come together in support of a comprehensive and sustainable funding plan…South Carolina is the largest tire manufacturing state in the nation. We chose South Carolina because of the quality of the workforce, the business climate and the logistics advantages. A safe and reliable road system is critical for our businesses to remain competitive in a global economy. Recognizing the urgency to address our state’s declining infrastructure system, South Carolina’s General Assembly should dedicate sustainable and recurring resources to maintain and improve our infrastructure.”

Chris GullotBridgestone Americas
Ian Musselman, Continental Tire the Americas
Steve EveredMichelin North America

“Year after year, hundreds upon hundreds of issues are discussed in Columbia. Ultimately, each issue boils down to two discussions — the discussion to do nothing and the discussion to do something…Each issue comes down to two different sets of people — people who are willing to do nothing and leaders who are willing to do something. Reps. Allison, Brannon, Cole, Forrester, Hicks and Tallon put pragmatism before politics last week, voted to provide a solution to our state’s most critical problem and demonstrated why they are leaders willing to do something.”

Allen Smith, President and CEO
Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce 


The House seriously debated a question critical to the future of our state: How we fund a 21st Century road network so we can grow our economy? Supporters of this legislation know this isn’t a simple pro-tax versus no-tax argument.  We’re talking about South Carolina’s ability to create jobs, manufacture goods, and get them to market. Our state’s manufacturing renaissance has led the Upstate’s economic growth…But the best workforce and lowest taxes in the world don’t matter if you can’t get goods to market.  The repair of tens of thousands of miles of inadequate roads is an urgent economic concern that our state leaders must address this legislative session to ensure our economy continues to expand.”

Jason Zacher, Executive Director
Upstate Chamber Coalition

“In a time when our neighboring states have passed infrastructure improvement bills, the House passing its roads plan last week was a critical step forward.  We applaud the House Leadership for their efforts and encourage the Governor, the Senate and the House to continue working together to find a solution to our state’s infrastructure needs.”

Jim Newsome, President & CEO
South Carolina Ports Authority 

“The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce’s top legislative priority is securing new dedicated funding to address South Carolina’s infrastructure issues. We have joined with the business community across this state to ask our legislature to address this issue this year.  To the business community, this is an economic development issue.  If our state is going to sustain the economic growth we’ve experienced in recent years, we must fix our roads. I would like to applaud Speaker Lucas, Representative Simrill and the members of our delegation who supported H.3579 for their leadership in moving this important issue forward.”

Bryan Derreberry, President and CEO
Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce 

“Our vast transportation system across the state was built on the commitment to a rural farm to market network of roads…It is vital that the General Assembly address our deteriorating roads and bridges by securing a dedicated revenue stream that will go to repair and maintain all roads and bridges across the state, especially those rural farm to market roads…The House action is good for our economyand even more important it is vital for the safety of our citizens. Thank you to the 87 lawmakers who had the courage to perform a core function of our government.”

David WinklesPresident
South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation


We commend the South Carolina House of Representatives on taking a big step forward in addressing the needs of our failing infrastructure. We are encouraged that both the House and the governor are speaking the same language when it comes to much-needed improvements to our state’s highway system…A renewed commitment to investing in our roads and bridges throughout South Carolina will lead to more jobs, more tourists and safer traveling conditions for all who live or visit here.

Brad Dean, President and CEO
Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce 


“Piecemeal funding for South Carolina’s roads was provided in 2013 from budget redirects, appropriations and one-time surpluses. But long-delayed maintenance, and needed major upgrades will cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than can be taken from existing state funds. The basic road needs are a fiscal reality. A large coalition of statewide associations and local chambers of commerce with personal and business road-user constituencies has confirmed this by objective, rational analysis, and we represent groups that dislike taxation as much or more than any… We urge legislators to act on this initiative in this 2015 session. Because if they don’t, it likely will be years before they can.

SC Trucking Association’s Todd: Veto override may be only road to roads fix
J. Richards Todd, Guest Columnist, The State, April 14, 2015