Why I am Running for State House 47

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May 21, 2010
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May 27, 2010

Why I am Running for State House 47

When I left the Solicitor’s Office in 2006, after a long and fulfilling career, I truly thought I was finished with my public service. Since then I have enjoyed raising my family and starting my own small business. And as I reflected on my years of public life I realized that I have been truly blessed; blessed with tremendous opportunity and tremendous support. However, I also have come to appreciate that to whom much is given, much is also expected.

So as I watched from the sidelines at what unbridled government and special interests were doing to the fabric our Country, I found myself saying, “someone should do something”. Now I can’t help but believe that that someone is me.

That’s why I’ve chosen to run for State House at this time. Because I believe things have gotten completely out of hand with our government and I cannot stand back any longer without trying to do my part to right the course of our State. With the support of my family, I’m ready, willing and able to do the hard work it takes to change the way business is done in Columbia.

Our entire nation has been hit hard by this economic crisis but we’ve been hit harder than nearly any other state in part because many of our leaders have been acting irresponsibly. We should have been ready for this difficult time, but instead of capping state spending and putting extra resources in a rainy day fund, Columbia has wasted money on pork barrel projects. I see politicians putting their need to get re-elected ahead of the needs of the people.

If I sound frustrated, it’s because I am. I don’t like seeing law enforcement reduce shift sizes while their lives and our families are put at risk. I don’t like seeing teachers furloughed while we continue to struggle with an inadequate educational system. I don’t like hearing that companies won’t come to South Carolina because we have one of the worst infrastructures in the country.

We have to spend our limited resources wisely in a way that will create jobs and spur economic growth. We need to invest in public safety, education and transportation. We need to cap state spending and lower income taxes on our workers so that they have money to spend with our state’s small businesses. We need common sense zero based budgeting, strong spending transparency and comprehensive tax reform.

These aren’t my ideas. These are ideas that have been put forth in front of the General Assembly for years. Sure, they’ve made some symbolic steps, but they haven’t completed the mission and its put our entire state in jeopardy.

There is a better way. We can elect proven leaders who will do the hard work it takes to shake up the system. You don’t have to just believe my words, and truthfully, you shouldn’t. We’ve heard too much rhetoric recently.

I ask you to look at my record and see what we’ve been able to accomplish. As Solicitor, we transformed the worst criminal backlog in the state into a statewide model of efficiency. We put more violent criminals behind bars while making efficient use of your tax dollars.

I did it by bringing together strong teams, listening to creative ideas and pushing common sense reforms coupled with a lot of hard work. Ask Sheriff Bryant and our Chiefs of Police about the effectiveness of our multi-agency efforts in the area of narcotics enforcement and forensics.

I have proven that I can provide the positive leadership to change the way business is done within our government. I believe I have the energy and ability to get things done both in Columbia and in our community. I hope you’ll vote June 8th to let me exercise that leadership as your next State Representative.

Tommy Pope
Republican for State House 47