State House Report #13
April 18, 2015
Legislative Update- April 24, 2015
April 24, 2015

What They’re Saying…

What They’re Saying…

“With just 24 days left in the legislative session, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Alliance sent legislators a letter urging action. While the groups lay out a broad, five-point plan, they’re not picky on the specifics. What’s unacceptable is for the session to adjourn without a deal, said Ted Pitts, the chamber’s president and CEO.”


 “We are one of the fastest-growing states. If we’re going to continue that wonderful growth, somehow, some way, we have to widen our roads and repair our roads,” said Brian Newman, president of Honda of South Carolina, who worries about parts getting damaged on rough roads before arriving at his Timmonsville plant.”

South Carolina business leaders urge action on road funding
Associated Press, April 14, 2015


Obviously we are encouraged that they are taking the issue very seriously,” Michelin North America President and CEO Pete Selleck said in an interview. “We are excited to see that underway, and we are reasonably optimistic. It is a tremendous opportunity right now that they have, and it’s really important that they seize that opportunity. It’s important to the future and particularly for the future of our children and our grandchildren.

Michelin chief says lawmakers’ job is figure out how to fix S.C. roads
SCBiz News, April 16, 2015


“The heart of this issue is about increasing funding for our roads and bridges. The House bill accomplishes that goal and representatives that supported it made the right call moving it forward. This gives greater hope to an issue that, before the session, started as perhaps the highest priority. This debate shouldn’t involve petty politics. It should involve finding a smart compromise as the session comes to an end. That’s now possible because of the House’s actions.”

Editorial: House roads bill sparks needed state discussion
The Aiken Standard’s editorial board, April 17, 2015


“The people that I represent, the fleet owners, are very conservative business people, and they don’t like taxes or regulation anymore than anybody else, probably less than the average person. But, they understand that roads are a capital investment and an investment that only government can provide,” the South Carolina Trucking Association’s President Rick Todd stated.

Road expert: Legislation might put governor in tough situation
WIS TV, April 17, 2015


“On Wednesday, the House took the first big step toward finding that compromise… Representatives are to be commended for doing that. House leaders say their entire process has been built on compromise… Many Republicans wanted a much larger tax cut than the one that was added to garner their support; many Democrats wanted much more money raised for roads, and much more money sent back to county governments to deal with local road needs. But as a result of the compromises, an astounding 87 of 124 House members voted for the bill — more than enough to override the governor’s promised veto; only 20 opposed it. Now it’s the Senate’s turn… Too often, our legislators focus only on getting a bill passed in their own chamber. That lets them brag that they did their job, but it accomplishes nothing for our state. In other words, they did not do their job. What we expect is for senators to be as committed to passing a bill that can become law as House members have been. If they are, there’s no reason the improvements can’t start within the year.”


Editorial: Now it’s SC Senate’s turn to compromise on road-repair plan
The State’s editorial board, April 18, 2015