Be Sure Your Vote is Counted
October 1, 2010
Tommy Pope on the Drive for 75
October 12, 2010

Tommy and His Camera

By now you’ve heard a lot about the need for transparency in Columbia. Politicians are spending too much money on pork projects in secret. The outcome becomes bloated budgets, higher taxes and a failing economy.

Tommy has been saying that he’ll fight for transparency in Columbia, but he may have taken the idea of transparency a little overboard. If you don’t believe me, just watch these recent videos he’s recorded…

We can’t keep the camera out of his hands, but maybe that’s what we need in Columbia… someone willing to show us what’s really going on.

As you can see in these videos, our volunteers are energetic and ready to make a difference. We’re knocking on doors, putting up signs and making phone calls every single day. I hope you’ll join us by clicking here. And who knows, maybe you’ll be the next one to make it on one of Tommy’s videos.


Kim Pope