Joint Conference Committee Agrees On Clean Voter ID Bill!

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April 21, 2011
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April 27, 2011

Joint Conference Committee Agrees On Clean Voter ID Bill!


I am pleased to see that my fellow representatives have not given up on the important Voter ID legislation. Now that a clean version of the bill is out of committee, I look forward to doing my part in the House to get this legislation passed and sent on to the Senate. Please read a recent release about this issue from House Speaker Bobby Harrell below. Thank you for your support!


Joint Conference Committee Agrees On Clean Voter ID Bill!

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to share with you that the House and Senate members of the Joint Conference Committee on Voter ID have adopted the “clean” version of the bill that includes only requirements for presenting a photo ID to vote.

The Conference Committee’s adoption of the clean Voter ID bill is a huge victory for each and every voter in South Carolina. This bill will ensure integrity in our electoral process and will safe guard our citizens against those wishing to compromise the security of their ballots.

After the Voter ID bill ultimately died in conference last year, the fact that the House and Senate were able to reach a resolution on the “clean” version of Voter ID is an astounding victory.

The House is moving quickly to pass the Conference Committee’s bill when we return next week, and I’m looking forward to the Senate taking immediate action on this bill as well.

I commend those representing the House on the Conference Committee – Representative Alan Clemmons, Speaker Pro Tem Jay Lucas, and Representative Jim Merrill did an outstanding job in conference.

Also, many thanks to Senate Pro Tem Glenn McConnell and Senator Chip Campsen for their support of the clean Voter ID bill in conference.

Most of all, THANK YOU! Because you let your voice be heard and demanded that integrity be protected in our elections in South Carolina. YOU were the driving force behind this much-needed reform.

Both the House and Senate must vote for and adopt the conference report before it’s sent to the Governor’s desk. I’ll continue to keep you posted up to the day this bill becomes law.

THANK YOU again for your continued support. This is truly YOUR victory.


Bobby Harrell
SC Speaker of the House